Why the foundation of anarchism is essential for society

As stated by Noam Chomsky, anarchism fundamentally constitutes the questioning of any type of authority. Now, possibly more than ever before in our history, it is essential that we question every institution of authority.

We mostly carry the belief that what we are told by perceived authorities must be true, and that outliers or critics of these narratives are either deluded or misguided. Yet, for all the esteem we grant to governments, corporations, organisations, we are, by their guidance, being led into extremely horrific situations.

As our waters, food supplies, and bodies are increasingly being poisoned through the use of glyphosate, roundup, pollution, pharmaceutical drugs, we fail to recognise that the motive for the biggest corporations is strictly one of short term-profit. Perhaps we fail to recognise this because of the comfort it provides us, as outsourced industry that decimates populations in poorer regions of the world, is easily kept out of sight from us. This is of course an intentional result of a rigorous sector of the economy dedicated to advertisement, continuously seeking to limit our view of how we want to spend our lives, to a narrow spectrum of consumption and financial gain.

Our complacency is ultimately the root cause of every problem we face, and while we may convince ourselves that we are perfectly content with the status quo, statistics of depression, anxiety, chronic disease, suicide, substance abuse, and poverty, tell a different story.

We complain about refugees coming from Middle-eastern and African countries, without recognising our own governments proxy-warfare, destabilising governments, and imposing military dictatorship so that natural resources can be claimed by the allying corporations. The situation is of course deeply complex and nuanced, yet the recognition of our government’s causality is often neglected entirely.

Currently we are faced with governments telling us to fear a virus with the lethality of the common flu, while insisting that the solution is only to be found in wearing masks and vaccinating. As one researches these solutions it quickly becomes evident that neither are viable solutions for any type of human health, but instead an opportunity for enormous profit for the pharmaceutical industry and a grab of power for the governments. It may be easier to simply dismiss all critics as conspiracy-theorists, anti-vaxxer, etc. Yet, without having studied the topic for ourselves, we risk becoming a defender of a system that directly profits from our illness, and therefore has a direct incentive to keep us in a state of disease.

We need to think for ourselves, so that we can reclaim power over our own lives.



Studying Master’s Commercial and Environmental Law in Copenhagen. Vegan.

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Edward Marotis

Studying Master’s Commercial and Environmental Law in Copenhagen. Vegan.